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 Katy Deepwell (Middlesex University)

Katy Deepwell is Editor of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal and Professor of Contemporary Art, Theory and Criticism at Middlesex University. She is  the author of Women Artists Between the Wars: ‘A Fair Field and No Favour’ (Manchester University Press, 2010). This book, based on her PhD, is the only existing study of the situation, careers and visibility of women artists in Britain in the period 1918-1945. She was the curator of Ten Decades: The Careers of Ten Women Artists born 1897-1906,  Exhibition Catalogue of Arts Council Touring Exhibition, Norwich Gallery, NIAD, April 1992. Other key essays on this period include: ‘Women Artists in/out of Vorticism’ on Jessica Dismorr in G. Berghaus (ed) International Yearbook of Futurism Studies (2015); ‘Women War Artists in the First World War in Britain’ in Karen Brown (ed) Agency and Mediation amongst Women Artists between the Wars (Ashgate Press, 2008) pp.11-36; key contributions to Delia Gaze (ed) Dictionary of Women Artists (Fitzroy Dearborn,1997);  'A History of the Society of Women Artists' Introduction to Charles Baile de Laperrière (ed.) Society of women artists exhibitors 1855-1996, Wiltshire: Hilmarton Press, 1996; ‘Hepworth and Her Critics’ David Thistlewood (ed) Barbara Hepworth Reconsidered (Tate Gallery, Liverpool and Liverpool University Press, March 1996) pp. 75-93


Keywords: Feminist art history; Women Artists in 20th Century/ 21st Century.


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