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 a to z of members 

The A to Z of British Women Artists, 1750-1950 Research  Group Members list below provides profiles outlining each researcher/curator's area of specialism, publications, contact details and web links for reading more about their work. A central aim of the Research Group is to identify individuals currently undertaking projects/research into women artists active from 1750 to 1950 and map the state of the field. The act of establishing a network of members working in this area and compiling an A to Z, made openly available online, is an original investigation and a resource for museums and university institutions seeking expertise in the area as well as individuals working in the area looking to connect with like-minded researchers and curators. The initial response to the establishment of the Research Group from BAN members was fantastic and the growth of the group year on year demonstrates that there are significant numbers of British scholars currently researching and curating the work of British Women Artists 1750-1950 - artists who have received relatively little attention in modern art historical scholarship and exhibitions held to-date.

mapping research

This map makes visible the extent of  researchers/curators active in the field nationwide. Each pin represents an art institution and when selected displays the profiles of British Women Artist 1750-1950 Members based at that location and their current projects.

Organising Team

Susie Beckham

Stephen Lloyd

Stephen Feeke

Stephanie Roberts

Simon Martin

Sarah Norris

Sarah Hardy

Samantha Howard

Sacha Llewellyn

Sylvie Broussine

Tor Scott

Rosie Razzall

Renate Doman

Rachel Stratton

Pamela Gerrish Nunn

Nina Davis

Melissa Munro

Nadia Hebson

Melanie Polledri

Louise Weller

Louise Dunning

Louise Cooling

Lizzie Jacklin

Linda Bassett

Laura Claveria

Kathryn Walter

Jessie Petheram

Jane Simpkiss

Jane Holt

Jacqui McIntosh

Imogen Holmes-Roe

Helen Scott

Helen Richie

Helen Elletson

Harriet Loffler

Harriet Judd

Hannah Moss

Eva Belgherbi

Claudia Milburn

Emma Merkling

Christine Wise

Chris Stephens

Nedira Yakir

Charlotte Thomas

Catherine Daunt

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Caitlyn Doley

Beth Navarrete-Barr

Annette Wickham

Alice Insley

Alice Eden

Alex Patterson

Alan Newton

Adrienne McKenna

Rebecca Ball

Magdalen Evans

Abigail Spinks

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