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Members of the Research group have collaborated to produce the following resources for the free and open use of fellow researchers, curators, students and others interested in the field of study of British Women Artists.

We are working to pool our collective knowledge about the location, form and use of women artists' creative spaces across the world in the period. 


Guide for new researchers in the field

A number of members have collaborated to create a guide for new researchers in the field. Whether you are an established academic or curator turning their attention to historic women artists, a student searching for a dissertation topic or an interested member of the public we hope that this guide will help you embark on research in the field.


Come back in mid-October 2021 to download the New Researchers Guide PDF


Introducing the Field

In 2020 members gathered to discuss key issues in the field. We worked with a visual scribe to produce a visual representation of the field and the interventions we wish to make as a Research Group. 

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