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 Alicia Foster (Independant Researcher)

Alicia Foster's doctoral work on Gwen John was published by Tate Gwen John (1999), who commissioned her to write the first full survey of women artists in their collections Tate Women Artists (2004). She is currently working on an exhibition of Jessica Dismorr and her contemporaries for Pallant House Chichester (programmed for Spring 2018). She is specially interested in exploring their work across disciplines, particularly their writing and relationship with modernist literature, and am planning to programme a symposium to highlight and bring together recent research to accompany the exhibition. She also writes novels, the first, ‘Warpaint’ about a group of women artists in world war 2 (fictional but based on real historical figures) working as official artists and in black propaganda was published by Penguin in 2013. 


Keywords: Modernism, Literature and Art, The City, Writing Practices and Art History


Abstract Pyramids
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