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Anna Liesching (Ulster Museum, National Museums Northern Ireland)

Anna Liesching is Curator of Art at Ulster Museum. She is especially interested in nineteenth and twentieth century women artists. During a fellowship at the Yale Centre of British Art she enjoyed researching the correlation between the availability of print as a medium and the work of female artists, such as Helen Allingham, Lady Elizabeth Butler, Gerturde Hermes, Clare Leighton, Agnes Miller Parker and Edith Somerville. Liesching is  fascinated by the journey of their careers and the challenges they faced in the male centric art world. She feels there is need for more research and interpretation in this subject area and hopes to develop her foundation of research as part of the British Art Network, specifically focusing on works on paper. A key aspect of the Ulster Museum collection is its wealth of works by female artists, both local and international. The collection of British female artists includes (in addition to above) Bridget Reilly, Barbara Hepworth, Vanessa Bell, Mary Martin and Doris Violet Blair.

Keywords: women artists; print techniques; works on paper; forgotten narratives



conversation piece for the British Art Studies site; website accompanying a tour on women in the Ulster Museum collection

Anna Liesching
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