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Victoria Howarth (Jerwood Gallery)

Victoria Howarth is Exhibitions Curator at Jerwood Gallery, interested in British women artists working in the period 1900-1950. She has curated 'Prunella Clough, Unknown Countries', 'Jean Cooke: Delight in the thing Seen', 'Eileen Agar: Bride of the Sea', and co-curated 'In Focus: Marlow Moss' at Jerwood Gallery in collaboration with Tate and Dr Lucy Howarth. Her interests extend to British women artists working from 1750 to the present day, and she has worked with contemporary British women artists Paula Rego, Chantal Joffe, Rose Wylie, Rachel Howard, Kath Thompson and Gillian Ayres.

Keywords: tweniteth and twenty-first century; British painting.

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