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Melissa L. Gustin (University of York)

Sub Group Facilitator/Postgraduate Researcher

Melissa L. Gustin is working on a PhD supervised by Liz Prettejohn at the University of York on women sculptors working in Rome in the nineteenth century, especially Harriet Hosmer, Emma Stebbins, and Edmonia Lewis. Her work focuses on the impact of the Roman visual environment and the availability of classical material on the sculptors, the legacy of Antonio Canova and Johann Winckelmann, and different strategies the artists developed in their practices that differentiated each woman from her colleagues. She is also interested in the connections with British artists like Frederick Leighton and Evelyn de Morgan, and questions of the anachronic as it relates to neoclassical sculpture in general and by women in particular. Melissa assisted  with the organisation of the second Sub Group meeting.


Keywords: Nineteenth Century; British; Women Artists; Sculpture; Classical sculpture; Rome 


Abstract Pyramids
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