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Meeting 5: "Female  Networks", a day-long symposium
Friday 30 June, 2017
University of Glasgow

The focus of the Fifth Meeting will be the informal networks that women created (or reinvented) for themselves in the pursuit of their practice as artists, designers and craft workers.

We invite proposals for short (15 minute) presentations on this theme. We are particularly interested in papers focusing on informal/private networks of women. How did women organise themselves? What did they achieve? How did they secure the resources they needed? What kind of spaces did they occupy? Were these temporary or permanent? Were there ready-made networks that could be adopted and reinvented to make them productive? To what extent, and in what ways, did these clusters/networks of women intersect?


Please send proposals (max. 200 words) for 15 minute papers with your RSVP to: Dr Patricia de Montfort (

Deadline: 30 April 2017


For further information see the event notice available to download above.

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