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Liz Rideal (The Slade School of Fine Art/ National Portrait Gallery)

Liz Rideal is Reader in Fine Art at The Slade School of Fine Art and Art Resource Developer at the National Portrait Gallery. She is currently working with Kathleen Soriano on a book 'Madam and Eve: images of women by women 1970 to the present day' to be published by Lawrence King in 2017. Her focus is on portraiture, particularly self-portraiture. Publications include; ‘How to Read Painting’ Bloomsbury, London & Rizzoli, NY (2014/5), ‘Golden Years? 1905-1950: a non-digital world’, for the ‘Self-portraits’ exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, (2013); Insights: Self-portraits, (2005) the first National Portrait Gallery publication to concentrate exclusively on self-portraiture; Drapery and Pattern in Portrait Painting as a Source for my Work in the Photo-booth, published by The Journal of Cloth and Culture, Berg, Oxford & New York, (2003); Mirror/Mirror: Self-portraits by Women Artists, published by the National Portrait Gallery, London, England, & Watson-Guptill, New York. (2001).

Keywords: self-portraiture; portraiture; women painters; women photographers; dress; cloth; feminism.



Abstract Pyramids
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