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Glenda Youde (University of York) 

The focus of Glenda Youde’s PhD research is the artistic oeuvre of Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal and her contribution to the visual evolution of Pre-Raphaelite art.  Many of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works were informed by Siddal's figure compositions, however many other (male) artists also 'borrowed' her ideas without acknowledgement.  Her work is dismissed as inferior and simply a mirror of Rossetti's, yet possesses qualities other artists wished to replicate.  As well as creating a full catalogue raisonné, Youde’s analysis of Siddal's works aims to demonstrate her significance within the Pre-Raphaelite circle. Another interest Youde has is the work of Mary Moser, the forgotten founding female member of the Royal Academy.  Moser has always been eclipsed by Angelica Kauffman for painting flowers rather than a higher genre, yet she painted a stunning floral ceiling for Queen Charlotte at Frogmore House, Windsor.  Short-sighted Moser refused to wear spectacles, making her achievements all the more impressive.

Keywords: Elizabeth Siddal; Pre-Raphaelites; Mary Moser


Abstract Pyramids
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