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Rosanna Eckersley (Birkbeck College, University of London, and the Open University)

Rosanna Eckersley is  interested in twentieth-century women’s artistic training at the Slade School of Art, the British School at Rome and the Royal College of Art. While other lives as carers and mothers sometimes hampered establishment of financially secure careers, she is more engaged with ways the many dimensions of women artists’ lives informed the content of particular artworks, particularly through self-portraiture and paintings set in public space. Her interest lies in artists who combined figuration with aspects of avant-garde style, shown in the work of Winifred Knights, whose painting was the subject of both her PhD, awarded in 2015. Her article ‘An Awkward Fit? Winifred Knights’ Scenes from the Life of Saint Martin of Tours, Canterbury Cathedral’ was published in 2017 in Visual Culture in Britain (Volume 18, Issue 2) and her ‘Foreword’ to Christopher Campbell-Howes Evelyn Dunbar: A Life in Painting appeared in 2016.

Keywords: Modernism, women artists, Winifred Knights, maternity and art, artistic training, British School at Rome

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A study for an angel

A study for an angel

Winifred Knights' Scenes from the Life of Saint Martin of Tours, Canterbury Cathedral.

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