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Jo Cottrell (Birkbeck College)

Jo Cottrell is a part-time postgraduate research student focusing on three female British artists of the early 20th century - Jessica Dismorr, Helen Saunders and Dorothy Shakespear - with the working title for my thesis being "As a Woman My Country is the Whole World." Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and the gender of Vorticism. Her  research aims to shift our cultural understanding of Vorticism by investigating the contribution made by these artists to the visual culture of London on the eve of the First World War. She recently completed an MA (Birkbeck) which focused on the Cave of the Golden Calf, the short-lived cabaret theatre club opened by Frida Strindberg in 1912, and decorated by Wyndham Lewis, Spencer Gore, Jacob Epstein amongst others. Her BA dissertation (Birkbeck) focused on Dismorr and Saunders and attempted to reposition these artists as central figures within the Vorticist group.


Keywords: Vorticism, cosmopolitanism, nationalism, feminism, masculinity, identity


Abstract Pyramids
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