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Katy Norris (Tate and Bristol University)

Katy Norris is a postgraduate researcher, working in partnership with Tate and Bristol University on a Collaborative Doctoral Award. The focus of her study is the professional networks of the Edwardian art word and her thesis will consider how women artists navigated this complex ‘cultural field’. By examining how women artists not only participated in mixed sex and male-only art clubs, but also in the activities of dedicated women’s associations - particularly suffrage and transnational groups – she is hoping to uncover how women in Britain exploited the professional opportunities open to them. She is particularly interested to establish women’s participation in and exclusion from such collectives as the New English Art Club, Camden Town, Bloomsbury and the Vorticists. Prior to this Katy held the position of Curator at Pallant House Gallery where she curated exhibitions exploring the work of Evelyn Dunbar, Helen Muspratt, Winifred and E.Q Nicholson and Mabel Pryde.

Keywords: Edwardian era; Exhibiting Societies; Artistic Groups; Suffrage; Transnational Movements; Modernism; Feminism.


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